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B BESS Ball bearing motor Balloon rocket Barton's Pendulums Bedford Level experiment Beverly Clock C


De Sitter double star experiment Delayed choice quantum eraser Diamond anvil cell Double-slit experiment E Elitzur-Vaidman bomb-tester


Fizeau–Foucault apparatus

Fuji Molten Salt Reactor G Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment

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Geiger–Marsden experiment Gravity Probe A Gravity Probe B H

  • Πείραμα Hafele-Keating experiment
  • Πείραμα Hammar experiment

Heron's fountain

  • Πείραμα Homestake Experiment

Hot chocolate effect I India-based Neutrino Observatory Ionocraft

K Kelvin water dropper

L List of experimental errors and frauds in physics Long Duration Exposure Facility M

Millimeter Anisotropy eXperiment IMaging Array

  • Πείραμα Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment

Mousetrap car N Nth Country Experiment O Oil-drop experiment

O cont.

Oxford Electric Bell P Magnetization reversal by circularly polarized light Pitch drop experiment Potentiometer

Pressure experiment Q QMAP

  • Πείραμα Quantum Eraser experiment


Rubens' Tube S Sagnac effect

  • Πείραμα Schiehallion experiment

Sodium bicarbonate rocket

T Terrella Test theory The E and B Experiment TopHat (Balloon)

W Water

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