Albert Einstein
220px-Einstein 1921 by F Schmutzer
Born March 14, 1879
Died April 18, 1955 (aged 76)
Nationality German
Residence Germany (former)

United States

Fields Physics
Known For General Relativity

Field Theory EPR Paradox

Albert Einstein was a scientific genius who changed the way we view our universe. In 1905, he united space and time in one mathematical description. Ten years later he proposed a complete theory of gravity that explained how the universe works, relating mass and energy in the famous equation E = mc2.

Many people doubted his theories, but later investigation has since proved Einstein's theories, to have been correct. 

Early life

Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany, and studied in Switzerland before graduating from Zurich's Institute of Technology in 1900. He did not fit in at school because he asked many "difficult" questions, and could get no work until he found a job in the Patent Offic in Bern in 1902.

Personal Life

Einstein married his first wife Mileva, a mathematician and scientist in 1903. They had a daughter and two sons. Mileva worked closely with her husband and helped with his research. They were divorced in 1919.