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Red and blue substances in transparent test tubes

Methybenzoline (red) and Submethybenzoline (blue) in test tubes. Here you can see the methybenzoline & submethybenzoline in a test tube.

Methybenzoline is a red, odourless chemical. It is used in stain remover and helps remove extremely tough stains.

Methybenzoline is used in bleach, detergent, stain remover and furniture cleaner. It is also used in household cleaners.

Methybenzoline sublimates at -203oC. When methybenzoline sublimates, it becomes blue.

Methybenzoline is also explosive, that's if it's used to make TNT and other bombs. It only explodes if set on fire or misused. Methybenzoline is a remote detonation chemical also used to defuse bombs and remotely set off the bombs, causing maniacal explosions.

When methybenzoline sublimmates, it turns into submethybenzoline. Submethybenzoline is dark blue, and odorless. It is used in toilet cleaners (renamed as ammonia).

Methybenzoline is a 2-6-9 ionocide trinitro benzone. That is a strong, crystallized hallidic chemical. Submethybenzoline is a 1-6-8 dionocide monoacidic benzone. That is a weak, flimsy, collapsible crystallized hallidic chemical.

When methybenzoline comes in contact with water, it sets off a chemical reaction. The reaction starts a dark shade of red, and starts getting lighter. It changes in this order:

  1. Dark red
  1. Light red
  1. Yellow
  1. Brown-green
  1. Green

When submethybenzoline comes into contact with any chemical, it turns white. The white is a shade of bright color because methybenzoline, or MB for short, is sublimed to submethybenzoline, or SMB for short. SMB reacts with alkalis. A chemical reaction causes bubbles. SMB + any kind of alkali equals a white-bubbled chemical reaction.

Red substance in half filled test tube

Methybenzoline in a test tube, prior for manufacturing

The chemical formula for MB: ITNBzTbYKCaCO2COH20

The chemical formula for SMB: DiMncdcBzC0H20COCO2COPdnsl

The chemical formula for TMB (trioximethybenzoline): SKArKrCaMaZnZyPbCo2CO3CO4InAbmn

Trioximethybenzoline or TMB for short, is hydroxyl methybenzone trioxide.</div>

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