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Recent ExperimentsEdit

Welcome to Science LabEdit

Science lab is a page where all the Science Lab experiment Blogs or articles will be featured and listed. Anyone can contribute to our ever growing list of scientific experiments and practicals. They can also include notes based on practical experiments.

Types of ways to publish an experiment:-

  • through blog
  • creating a page

The experiment that you publish can be any exisitng practical experiment done in schools or at college level or one that you yourself have made. Caution: You must first validate and take sole responsibilty of the experiment that you publish(be it yours or any existing one). Every experiment should state out the precautions and warnings before the material.

Creating a pageEdit

When you create a page the title of the page should start like this:- "Experiment: NAME OF THE EXPERIMENT". Then it is required to include this code through source mode editor and then you can start editing either through the Visual editor or Classic Visual editor or the source mode editor, whichever you prefer the most.

Salt AnalysisEdit

Salt analysis experiments code: Click here

Creating a blog that can be listed in our pageEdit

When you create a blog instead of an article(which some people prefer) you should ensure that its category is put as "Science Lab". The blog list will appear below soon as soon as people start posting.

Suggestions welcomeEdit

Any suggestions related to anything for Science Lab are welcome. We feel that your feedback will help us grow and progress.

There is a possibility that the design code given for the Practical experiments is not upto the mark. We are constantly trying to change them to be suitable for every category of experiment. Currently we are using only one code for every experiment.